Gawler & Districts Layout Info

Location: Gawler SA, including Roseworthy, North Gawler & Penrice
Prototype: South Australian Railways
Era: 1950-70, with the occasional 2000+
Scale: HO
Layout Size: 6m x 6m (20' x 20')
Layout Type: Triple-Deck, dogbone?
Layout Height: 1450mm upper, 1000mm middle, 800mm lower level (57", 39", 31")
Track: Code 70 Micro Engineering; Code 100 Peco in staging
Min. Radius: 30" mainline;
Points: Scratch-built #6 (Fast Tracks jig); commercial mediums in staging, Shinohara Code 70Slips & Crossovers
Control System: EasyDCC

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Lower Level Progress

The plan is to start on the Lower level and work my way up to the top level. This will allow the Yard to be functioning with the return loop.  When the Middle level is being tested we can run from Gawler down to "Adelaide" and back again. Also with limited space between the Lower and Middle Levels, it will be next to impossible to work on the tracks in the Yard.

Flat Creek Yard

Well, after a slow start the Flat Creek Yard has been laid. Points and power connected, and a trial run with a DCC friendly engine. As can be seen in the photos I went for the Box Frame. This allowed me to wire up and lay track in modules of 2.4m lengths. No crawling on my sore back soldering upside down.  I am using UniStrut (EzyStrut) for mounting all of the benchwork on. This allows small changes to heights as I was working on sections.  All track is Peco Code 100 with Electrofrog points.  The reasoning is I do not want any problems down here when the next level is started, so make this "reliable", well, as reliable as possible!
Flat Creek Yard Entry
The Yard has the twin Mainline track to the front with 5 yard tracks. The trains come down the Mainline pass the yards onto the return loop then either into the Yard or remain on the Mainline to head back to the Middle Level.
Flat Creek Curve
Each Yard line has approximately 4m of length. Plenty of room to park modern freight consists like the Ghan or just the Gawler Race Trains waiting for the next Saturday Race Meet.
Flat Creek Yard Exit
Upon exiting the yard it is a curve and the climb starts to the next level.
Mainlines are the far left 2 tracks, the Yard here is an exit only to the Main.

Next...The Return Loop

This "train room" was also storage for all of my train related equipment, and that is not only HO. There was also Garden Rail equipment.  SD70 and 2 five pack container wagons, with containers, 2 PA1's with 5 coaches, and a lot more. This has all been relocated so I have room for the base of the return loop and the helix/climbs that will be located roughly in the centre of the room. Now a clean up and relocation of more equipment and placement of the Loop is the next step.

By the way, the above has not happened since the first post. This has been a couple of months of "free" weekends. So the next post may be a month or two away.

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